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Types of Hotel Reservation Software

With the advent of the Internet, hotel room reservations have never been easier. There is no need of making phone calls and waiting for hotel personal to answer your calls. This is because there are many types of hotel reservation software on the market to cater to all hotel room reservation needs.
There are basically two types of hotel reservation software; desktop hotel reservation software and web based hotel reservation software. Although these are the two main types of hotel reservation software available today, there are many companies offering software with different facilities and amenities in them. These are basically hotel and motel software that caters to hotels, guesthouses, motels and bed and breakfast owners’ needs.
With the desktop hotel reservation software, the customer has to place a request to the hotel website about a hotel reservation to be made. The hotel staff basically does the reservation. With the web based hotel reservation software, the customer can make their own reservations on looking at the availability of rooms on the particular day. There is no need of waiting for the confirmation of reservation.
Though most of the hotel reservation software that is found on the Internet is available for a price, there are many free hotel reservation software available too. Hotel reservation software usually helps the hotelier in the marketing, billing of rooms and booking of rooms. With this, the hotelier can cut down on costs as the hotel reservation software will now handle most of the work and there will be no need of hiring staff to do this work for them.